How do I tag a receipt?




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    Barry Peck

    (1) Can you download a CSV & PDF of receipts within a specific date range, i.e. 31 May - 20 June

    (2) Can the receipts be number both in the CSV & PDF so you can easily compare or confirm all receipts have been included

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    Hi, Barry! You can download an export file (CSV or PDF) only for a specific tax period, there is no option at the moment to download receipt data for a custom date range. You can read more info on exporting data here:

    Regarding your second question - in the PDF export your receipts are ordered by the way you've uploaded them into the app. In the comprehensive CSV file - the receipts are not numbered, but they are ordered by date.

    The comprehensive CSV export file exports all the data for every receipt - amount, date, supplier name etc., if you have notes and tags - they will appear in your export file as another category. You also have a category with your receipt's photo link, so you can just copy it into your browser and see the receipt.


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    "there is no option at the moment to download receipt data for a custom date range."
    Does this mean that a custom date range option is on the roadmap?

    I'd be interested in generating a PDF report either by date range or tag that includes all data as well as images of the receipts. I know that I can export to CSV then sort by date or tag, but then I have to download each individual receipt image and repackage all of this in another format (ie. PDF)

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